Art storage and picture display

Suitable for collections of paintings and other framed works of art, but also to all sets of objects from spare keys to a firearms collection, the modular storage concept ModulArt allows for the arrangement of a large number of objects in a limited space and for the evolution of your storage system according to your needs.

With its compact and elegant design, the ModulArt system is an independent, mobile structure on preassembled wheels, occupying a volume of approximately 3 x 3 x 3 metres. In this compact space, the six retractable, double-sided display panels give you 576 square feet of surface for suspending paintings and other works of art – or for other types of articles such as tools in a workshop.  

For museums and galleries with small collections and limited space, ModulArt is a design masterpiece that will transform the storage of your paintings and works of art into an effective and effortless experience.